About Us

From the Beginning

Stay Out of My Crease was born from a blog. We first aired on Radio AFS in September of 2016. Being the first and only all-about Hockey Radio show, we started out as an hour and a half podcast.  From there we have expanded to a two plus hour live show.  

As of January 2nd, 2018; Stay Out of My Crease will be moving on to their next adventure with their own network: KJC Radio.  We have decided it was time to move on from Radio AFS and the New Year was the perfect opportunity to take that next step.

Please visit KJC Radio to listen to podcasts from Stay Out of My Crease and the other two shows.

About Our Host: Kim

The Show is hosted by Kim a native to Maryland.  Fairly new to the hockey scene she brings a breath of fresh air with a female perspective to everything.  She also isn't afraid to admit when she is incorrect.  She's the perfect compliment to her co-host.

About Our Co-Host: Jimi

Jimi hails from the Great State of Hockey, Minnesota.  As an avid hockey fan, he brings the smarts, the stats and the educated opinion to the show.  Jimi has a way of educating people without being superior about it.  He's the brains behind the duo.  His chemistry and long-standing friendship with Kim has made this show a success.